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Custom Manufactured Air Flow Control for Commercial & Medical Industries

Air Flow Control
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At KBC Electronics, we are dedicated to exceeding our customer’s standards while delivering components of the highest quality and accuracy. In the project profiled here, we were contracted to manufacture an air flow control. The control would incorporate a controller and transmitter in order to precisely control air pressure levels electrically. This unit had to meet strict requirements for quality control and testing, along with complying with the 90.1 energy efficiency standard. The energy efficiency aspect of this low pressure drop air control allows for significant reductions in end user energy costs and lowered environmental impact. Applications for this unit include vivariums, laboratories, clean rooms, hospitals, and in a myriad of commercial and medical situations.

Our design engineers worked with the customer to confirm the design requirements, and our team of professionals including surface mount technicians, certified hand solderers, and wave solderers worked in concert to produce the control. A variety of advanced processes and machinery were employed for this production, assembling the unconventional size PCB components. The unit was subjected to a rigorous testing protocol to ensure a zero defect part, including screening.

The finished air flow control met all required standards, and featured single and multi-position constant volume control configuration, as well as tracking pair configuration capabilities for supply and exhaust air flow control. We were recognized for our dedication to maintain strict standards, exceeding the customer's expectation enough to maintain a continuous manufacturing relationship. At KBC Electronics we provide unmatched service, attending to every detail to consistently deliver repeatable and reliable results. For more details about this air flow control project, or our other high volume manufacturing capabilities please see the table below or contact us directly.

Air Flow Control Project Highlights

Project Name
Air Flow Control
Project Description
Low pressure drop airflow used extensively in a wide variety of applications both small and large where precise airflow is required.
Capabilities Applied/Processes
Prototype, Production, Box Build

Tracking Pair Configuration
Material Used
PCB’s, RoHS approved materials
Industry for Use
Labs, Clean Rooms, Vivarium’s, Hospitals, Commercial and Medical
In Process Testing/Inspection Performed
Programming and Functional Testing
Standards Met

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